What is Gyro?

Gyro is many things:
  • An international association 
  • A local group 
  • An individual associated with these groups

But friendship in its finest and most comprehensive articulation, is the foundation underpinning the whole.

Gyro was founded to promote understanding through friendship and the enjoyment of these associations between like-minded men throughout all of North America.

There are three simple, yet all-inclusive objectives:
  • To promote friendship among men of all provinces, states and nations. 
  • To cement relationships between Gyro Clubs everywhere. 
  • To preserve and extend Gyro's founding principles and ideals.
The task of determining how to meet these objectives is left to the individual clubs, a practice that has proved most successful.
Gyro began in Cleveland, Ohio in April of 1912 and the first Gyro Club in Canada was chartered in Toronto on April 14, 1919.  The history of each club is described within its own section of this web site.
North America is divided into 11 districts.

District 3 has nine clubs

From the state of New York in USA
  • Buffalo 
  • Syracuse
  • Rochester
From the province of Ontario in Canada
  • Toronto 
  • Port Colborne 
  • Kitchener-Waterloo
  • St. Catherines  
  • Peterborough
  • Etobians (Etobicoke)



Every year we get together at a district convention.  The purpose of this convention is to renew old friendships, make new friends and have fun.


Each year some members from clubs all over North America meet for a three day International Convention.  Business sessions are kept to a minimum to allow more time for fun and fellowship.


Gyros include their ladies (Gyrettes) in their social activities and many clubs have separate Gyrette clubs (Thoughts from the International Convention - by Alison Clarkson) Click here to read about the three friends (Paul Schwan, Clarance Handerson and Edmund Kagy) who founded the Gyro Fraternity.