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Gyro International offers awards to recognize special achievement by an individual Gyro, or group of Gyros, who have by his or their extraordinary efforts brought honor, recognition, special leadership or increased membership for the good of the order and to the benefit of this organization.  A summary of each award is noted below.

Honor Key

To be awarded for special or distinguished service to the organization.  The Honor Key is considered the highest award of the organization and as such it symbolizes the recognition and appreciation of the entire membership.  It is for service that transcends district boundaries.  For giving exceptional time and talents supporting Gyro expansion.  For continued symbolism throughout the Fraternity, of what the Gyro spirit signifies.  As well as outside service, that by his association, brings honor and recognition to the Gyro Organization.

Honor Key

Hubert Becket, Hamilton, ON E. Bermingham, Lakeshore, QC Samuel R. Barry, Kanata, ON

Hal Burland, Ottawa, ON H. Cleworth, Lakeshore, QC Michael Corlett, London, ON

Ray Cummings, Syracuse, NY W. E. Cushing, London, ON Charles Dalton, London, ON

Dana Davidson, Etobicoke, ON Ralph Duclos, Ottawa, ON H. Feasby, St. Catharines, ON

Doug Finch, St. Catharines, ON A. Fitzgerald, St. Catharines, ON S. Fleming, St. Catharines, ON

E. G. Ford, Montreal, QC Fred Fraser, Leaside, ON Robert Galbraith, Forest City, ON

F. E. Graham, Leaside, ON Donald Heath Jr., Buffalo, NY Ross Helwig, Toronto, ON

J. Tait Hopkins, Port Colborne, ON Edward Hudson, Etobicoke, ON Ernest Ivey, Lakeshore, QC

Wayne Kozar, Port Colborne, ON V. C. Kreuter, Rochester, NY Fred Lennox, Rochester, NY

Derwyn Love, Hamilton, ON John Marshall, Port Colborne, ON William Marshall, Forest City, ON

James McArthur, London, ON Mike McNally, Buffalo, NY Bob Murray, Etobian, ON

Albert (Ab) Nightingale, Toronto, ON Bruce J. Poll, Etobian, ON Howard Power, Kitchener, ON

John J. Richardson, Leaside, ON Robert Robson, Etobian, ON Warren Schram, London, ON

William Scully, Brooklyn, NY Bob Simmons, Washington, DC J. P. Singleton, Ottawa, ON

B. C. Smith, St. Catharines, ON N. Walker, St. Catharines, ON Bert Wertman, Buffalo, NY

Joseph West, St. Catharines, ON J. Donald Wiley, St. Catharines, ON Stuart Wilkes, Buffalo, NY

Dr. M. Wilkinson, Rochester, NY J. Woodhouse, Port Colborne, ON

Merit Award

This award is given to a Gyro who has rendered exceptional service to his Club or District.  The Merit Award is given to a Gyro who has performed a task or service when not expected.  The man, who day in and day out, serves as a reminder of what true Gyro spirit means.

Merit Award Recipients

Fred J. Batson, Buffalo, NY Sam Crowell, Buffalo, NY Harold Darling, New York, NY

Edwin G. Ford, Montreal, QC Donald A. Heath, Buffalo, NY Emil Heidt, Newark, NJ

N. W. Helwig, Hamilton, ON Arthur Jones, Buffalo, NJ Padre Jones, Montreal, QC

Stan Kennedy, Two Mountains, QC Berton Keyser, Toronto, ON J.A. Knowles, Buffalo, NY

Thomas G. Lennox, Rochester, NY E. H. McKinney, Toronto, ON Arthur Moul, Buffalo, NY

James Northey, Toronto, ON Bruce Poll, Etobian, ON J. J. Richardson, Leaside, ON

W. W. Robinson, Toronto, ON W. D. Sanderson, Buffalo, NY Warren R. Schram, London, ON

C. L. Van Derbogart, Buffalo, NY F. Vanstone, Toronto, ON Donald Whitbeck, Buffalo, NY

Stuart B. Wilkes, Buffalo, NY Gary Bridle, Peterborough, ON Peter Brady, Peterborough, ON

Dick Parnel, Peterborough, ON

Jimmie Hubbell Gyro Friendship Cup

(THE CUP) This special award is given to an individual, a group, or a Club for outstanding contribution during the previous fiscal year towards external or internal expansion.  It is awarded for being the principal instigator(s) of the chartering of a new Club.  If none are chartered, it may be given to a Club for the greatest percentage increase in membership, or to an individual that is deemed by the Organization to have made an outstanding contribution to expansion.

Jimmie Hubbell Award Recipients

Organizing and Sponsoring

Syracuse, NY
Organizing and Sponsoring

For Internal Expansion

For Internal Expansion

Norman "Bud" Mitchell - Gyro of the Year Award

Named after Past International President, Norman L. Mitchell, this award is given to a Gyro in recognition of "extraordinary service" to the Gyro Fraternity in Club and District affairs, in the promotion of external, internal expansion, in recognition of the unique esteem he holds among fello Gyros and for the involvement in Community, Business or Government affairs.

Norman "Bud" Mitchell - Gyro of the Year Award Recipient


Warren Schram - District Man of the Year Award

This Award is presented to a Gyro in District III in recognition and appreciation of his leadership and outstanding service to his Club, to District III and to his Community.

Warren Schram - District Man of the Year Award Recipients

1997-1998 - Dr. Robert Galbraith - Forest City Gyro Club

1998-1999 - Robert F. Murray - Etobian Gyro Club

1999-2000 - J. Tait Hopkins - Port Colborne Gyro Club

2000-2001 - Donald A. Heath - Buffalo Gyro Club

2001-2002 - Bruce J. Poll - Etobian Gyro Club

2003-2004 - Wayne Kozar - Port Colborne Gyro Club